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Chairman -
   Jennifer Andrew
   01274 881906
Secretary -
   Sheila Patchett
   01274 690349
Treasurer -
   Helen Simpson
   01274 883906
Webmaster -
   John Andrew

Annual Show - Vegetable Section


This section is open only to Members of the Society.







1 TWO Leeks  
2 SIX French Beans  
3 SIX Shallots Any colour
4 THREE Onions As grown, any colour
5 THREE Carrots With tops cut to 8cm
6 ONE Cucumber  
7 FOUR Runner Beans  
8 ONE Vegetable Marrow  
9 FOUR Tomatoes  
10 FOUR Small Tomatoes  
11 ONE Cabbage Any colour, minimum weight 450gm
12 THREE Beetroots With tops cut to 8cm
13 SIX Pods of Peas  
14 TWO Turnips or TWO Swedes Root & top dressed to 8cm
15 THREE Peppers Any variety or varieties
16 FOUR White Potatoes  
17 FOUR Coloured Potatoes  
18 THREE Onions Dresssed, maximum weight 225gm each, any colour
19 Tray of FOUR different kinds of vegetable Types, quantities & weights as specified in Classes 1-18
20 ONE Specimen Vegetable Not in any other class
21 ONE Heaviest Onion Dressed
22 ONE Heaviest Tomato  
23 THREE Courgettes Maximum length 15cm
24 THREE Heavy Potatoes To be judged by total weight