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Chairman -
   Lee Greenwood
   01274 882664
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   Rachel Greenwood
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   Helen Simpson
   01274 883906
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   John Andrew

Enter the 2024 Show

Not a member yet ?

No problem. Just enter which classes you like and we will add the £2.00 membership subscription for 2024 to your entry fees on Show Day.

You can send in your entry automatically, on-line from here.

Just fill in the entries below and add your name and address. Give us your email address (please check it) and we will send a copy of your entry back to you by email.

Please send one form for each exhibitor - one for you, another for your partner and one each per child.

Enter the class number for each entry you wish to make. If you want to enter two, or more items in one class, then repeat that class number for each item.

You can pay the entry fees on the show day - in cash - when you set-out your exhibits. Or you can pay by electronic transfer. (Click here for the instructions on how to pay by electronic transfer.)

Please send your entry on or before 5 September 2024 (but, please, not too long before that).

Vegetable Section
Classes 1 - 24
(Members only. 25p per entry.)

Flowers Section
Classes 25 - 42
(Members only. 25p per entry.)

Housecraft Section
Classes 43 - 59
(Open entry. 25p per entry.)

Miscellaneous Section
Classes 60 - 73
(Open entry. 25p per entry.)

Tallant Trophy (Young Baker)
Classes 43 - 51
(Age 19 or younger. Free.)


Children's Section
Classes 74 - 80
(Age 12 or younger. Free.)

Please enter your name and address. (Only one exhibitor per entry form, please.)

Name of exhibitor.


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We will retain this email address in order to respond to your entry and, if necessary, write to you with any questions that we have about your entry or your membership. We may use it subsequently to keep you in touch with our activities. We will never pass on your address to any other person or organisation.

Please remember to include only one exhibitor on this form. Please send an additional form for each other person - one for your partner and one per child.

Check your entries and click "ENTER" when you have finished.
We will send you an email which will confirm your entries.
(If you do not get the confirmation email, please email the webmaster.)