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Society Staff Only
Chairman -
   Lee Greenwood
   01274 882664
Secretary -
   Rachel Greenwood
   01274 882664
Treasurer -
   Helen Simpson
   01274 883906
Webmaster -
   John Andrew

Annual Show - Flowers Section

This section is open only to Members of the Society.

To be shown in Society's vases.


25 SIX Spikes of Sweet Peas Any colour
26 SIX Pansies or Violas  
27 Vase of Flowers Not less than THREE types, foliage barred
28 ONE Stem Floribunda Roses  
29 THREE Roses, Hybrid Tea  
30 ONE Specimen Rose, Hybrid Tea  
31 THREE Carnations or Pinks  
32 SIX Asters  
33 THREE Stems Cactus Dahlias  
34 THREE Stems Dahlias Any variety or varieties
35 ONE Dahlia Any variety
36 Vase of Foliage  
37 Vase of Perennials Not less than THREE types, arranged for all round effect, roses and foliage barred
38 THREE Blooms Hydrangea  
39 SIX Blooms Calendula  
40 ONE Spike Gladioli  
41 THREE Spikes Gladioli  
42 GIFT CLASS - Vase of Flowers To be given to the Society to Auction for Society Funds